From The Onion – Apple Friend Bar. Genius!

The funny thing with this is that I think a number of the people I work directly with would use this service… for HOURS!!!

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

Thanks to The Onion!

Having trouble with your HP CLJ 3600 and OS 10.6?

So I got this nice, new, shiny Macbook Pro and I set it up to print to my Hewlett Packard Color Laser Jet 3600 (HP CLJ 3600) and it was a slow dog.

I would send a job to print and the queue would come up and give me no helpful information.  It would look like it was spooling the job and fail or it would actually print and not clear the queue or give any indication that the job was complete.

So what to do… download drivers.  But that was easier said then done.  The HP site was like a maze trying to find the right driver and then a colleague of mine pointed me to the MacUpdate page that had the drivers available (

Everything seems to be working now… thankfully.

There is some more discussion on the problem on HP’s support forum here:

Sudo Sandwich

Sudo Sandwich

There is something about this cartoon that makes me laugh, but also makes me know what a technology geek I actually am.  But, to some degree, it would be nice if things were this easy.

I’m not trying to say that I want to have control over people or be able to tell anyone what to do, but there are those occasions where you you would like to be able to tell someone something or ask something of someone and just have them do it.

(Can you tell I have kids… or at least deal with them and their like often?)

Did You Know 4.0

The Government Can

Kids playing with their toys.

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this YouTube video and it got me thinking about watching my own kid “play” with my iPhone and Touch.

When my 5 year old started playing with my Touch I didn’t show him anything. He may have watched or seen his brother play with it, but there was no formal instruction, not training, just play.

This is the type of thing that always makes my think about how we talk about and plan for professional development with technology.

For kids their is no training… they just experiment and play. There is no fear, no worry… just fun.

This is what we need faculty to do with technology. Get over the fear factor and just play. It is one of the reason I deliberately say that I play with technology in my job, not to belittle what I do, but to let people know that this can be fun… that it can be play.

What we can learn from kids is amazing.